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Whether if it’s for professional use or personal use, the success of your accommodation is based on the unique experience you offer to your travelers.

Manage your listings with Yaago

Yaago is a platform created by French owners, to help with the post-reservation management of your short term rental listings. Add your different listings to manage them more easily.

Calendar synchronization

Centralize your listings

Is your listing visible on several platforms such as Airbnb, Booking, and HomeAway?

Avoid the headache of double bookings thanks to the synchronization of your calendars. Yaago allows you to centralize the management of your planning through a unique dashboard and a 360° view of your properties.

Favorite places

Recommend your favorite places

Do you have favorite places to share with your travelers?

Make the most of local shops and allow your travelers to live like locals during their stay. Create your map of spots and list the best places to visit, go out and dine in order to give them the best experience.


Consult your statistics

You need to measure and monitor your performance on the different platforms... Find statistics related to your property: revenue, occupancy rate, number of passengers, and much more...

Why choose Yaago

Human above all

You are at the center of our concerns. Become an actor of the platform, exchange and share your needs by joining the community.

Personalized meeting

The Yaago team is available to introduce you to the platform, to accompany you and to take into account your needs.

A French platform

Our platform is designed by property owners directly affected by the problems of short term rentals.

Digital guide

Create and share your digital guide

How to turn on the television, operate the oven, open the pool... ? These are just some of the questions your travelers are likely to ask. Prepare for their arrival by providing them with all the practical information about your property automatically translated into their language.


Communicate with your teammates

You team up with one or more trusted people to manage your property... Make sure everything is under control while being at a distance! Invite your teammates and give them access to information related to the reception of your travelers and thus ensure a 5-star service.

Automatic messages

Save time with automatic messages

If you have a lot of reservations and you want to send messages to each of your travelers, anticipate their questions in order to personalize their stay. Save time by writing automatic messages translated by language.

Welcome booklet

Share your welcome booklet

Do you want to improve the reception of your travelers?

Share with them your welcome booklet containing a presentation of your accommodation, your digital guides, your favorite places, hygiene measures, all translated into their language.

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