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Discover a selection of qualified and trustworthy partners, who will accompany you to improve your hosting quality.

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Smart locks

Manage your door opening remotely with Igloohome. Facilitate your check-in and your daily life in an autonomous way.

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Sound monitoring

Mînut is a motion, noise, and temperature monitoring device. Tranquility for your neighbors...

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Fédération des Hôtes de France

"Fédération des Hôtes de France" makes it possible to respond collectively to the common challenges facing players in "short-term rental accommodation"

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The solution for your sureties

Protect your rentals and secure your reservations with an online deposit request.

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Hospitality products

La Savonnette is a young company made in Haute-Savoie offering hotel hospitality products whatever your accommodation: Airbnb, Hotel, Gîte, Bed and Breakfast, Concierge, etc.

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Luggage concierge

Find a solution so that your travelers can store their luggage.

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