The Yaago team, home owners above all!

Our story,

is a challenge...

That of restoring meaning to the vacation rental experience.

To reconnect with the pleasure of sharing and welcoming, to reinvent the notion of hospitality. To put the human being back at the center of the relationship between owners and travelers, in short.

Our history is also yours. That of thousands of passionate owners who aspire to live and provide a unique experience for travelers seeking authenticity and conviviality.

As owners, we attach great importance to welcoming our travelers because we are convinced that nothing is better than an authentic and personalized relationship to stand out and make a difference. With this conviction in mind, we have created Yaago, a platform for owners who, like us, want to offer an unforgettable experience to travelers through the optimal management of their short-term rentals.

Our mission? To facilitate the management of your daily rentals, and to offer a five-star service to your travelers.

Far from being a simple online management tool, Yaago's real added value is to bring, in addition to an efficient service, a real human expertise based on empathy, trust and sharing.

The team.

Host in Rouen for several years, Rémi is well acquainted with the problems related to vacation rentals. Deeply convinced of the value of knowing how to welcome, he created Yaago with Édouard to meet the expectations of owners and their travelers when they realized that they were not the only ones experiencing management difficulties.

Total transparency on our values and what drives us.

These values inspire us every day to bring out the best in ourselves.


The quality of our service, but also the quality of work at Yaago remain an essential and determining thread in our way of acting and decision making at the heart of the company.


Simplicity is one of the foundations of our identity when it comes to both human relations and the usability of our services.


Our service exists to simplify the life of our users. And simplification also means increased efficiency on a daily basis.


Remaining benevolent in all circumstances, learning from your mistakes and knowing how to bounce back are fundamental behaviors at Yaago. Never let yourself get down, persevere and improve!


We offer a service and work hand in hand with the actors, men and women, who make up the great Yaago team.


The ease of use of our service, as well as the notion of comfort of work for our teams, is one of the foundations of our way of evolving and interacting within Yaago.

Yaago Team

Human is the buzzword!

We are an ambitious and diversified team

with more than 5 different nationalities!

Rémi Cannessant
COO & Founder
David Duval
CEO & Founder
Julie Palu
Community Manager Junior

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