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  • Want to centralize your internal organization?

    Manage your operations in a single interface, share essential information with your team, define roles for a group of people or each person individually. Owners will also have a specific access to better follow their property activity.

  • Want to take your Guest experience to the next level?

    Offer a simple Check-In process that collects the necessary information from your guests, automatically share the right information at the right time and give them access to a single area!

  • Need to connect smart services?

    Enjoy your favorite services directly in Yaago: your PMS (BookingSync, Smily, Beds24, Smoobu), your online deposit system (Swikly), your smartlock system (Igloohome, Nuki, TheKeys), or your noise monitor (Mînut).

Our Partner Services

We, Yaago, pay special attention to customer satisfaction.

We have selected essential partners to help improve your hosting quality.


BookingSync - Smily, Smoobu, Beds24

Autonomous arrival, manage the opening of your door remotely.


Igloohome, Nuki, TheKeys

Control noise, temperature and presence in your home.

Other Services

Swikly, Mînut

And many others

Your favorite services directly connected to Yaago to centralize your operations.

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'We were looking for a digital welcome booklet solution in order to centralize all the information of our accommodations for our travelers. It was important to have a simple but powerful, complete but aesthetic tool. Yaago's welcome booklets now allow us to improve our guests' experience. What I love about Yaago, the customer relationship, the tool and as a bonus, the QR-code keyrings!'
Théo DENIAU, founder and CEO of Guest ADOM. He uses Yaago with Avantio and Swikly.


'The design makes the calendar easy to read because I use several OTA, and it allows me at first glance to get my bearings: who, which accommodation, when, departure and arrival!'
Simon EHRENREICH, founder of COTOON ALSACE. He uses Yaago with Avantio, Swikly, TheKeys and Igloohome.


'As a Property Manager, we are committed to providing quality traveler service. The Yaago platform proved to be the ideal solution for us. The digital welcome booklets are interactive, intuitive and the visual design really improves the traveler experience.'
Manon RIVIERE, co-founder of RENTATRANQUILLE. She uses Yaago with Smily, Swikly and Igloohome.


'At Keylodge, we are committed to bringing a digital, autonomous and flexible experience to our travelers. Yaago fits perfectly with this vision. Yaago's welcome booklets have allowed us to gather the entire Guest experience in one place. The connection with Igloohome represents an undeniable time saving for our teams. The Yaago team is attentive, responsive and is always looking for solutions to improve the platform.'
Sandra MAILLE, Sales & Marketing Director of KEYLODGE. She uses Yaago with Avantio and Igloohome


'I wanted to improve the Guests' experience in a simple, efficient and user-friendly way and on the other hand, optimize my time and organization. I love guides that are simple to implement and to update with photos and videos. What the Yaago team brings to the table is an immediate response to our requests! I strongly advise you to discover Yaago and maybe afterwards you won't want to part with it. For my part, it's taking the right direction!'
David OLIVIER, owner of 'Domaine des Coutelleries' He uses Yaago with Smoobu

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